Who we are?

We are Indians from tribe Cocama-Cocamilla. On the territory of the reserve Pacaya Samiria we live hundreds of years in harmony with nature. Our association Casa Lupuna offers ecotourism expeditions that will help us to earn income for accessories of our medical center in our village of San Martin de Tipishca and improve quality of life. Our organization Casa Lupuna means “house or meeting place”, and lupuna is also name for the giant tree – ceiba. In the village of San Martin de Tipishca on the edge of the reserve, we run number of projects that contribute to a better life of local residents. Casa Lupuna organizes 6 days or longer expeditions for tourists interested in nature to Pacaya-Samiria reserve. All income from ecotourism remains in the community of San Martin without having to pay for the services of travel agencies from cities. Revenues from ecotourism are the main source of income that the community uses to improve tourist services, to improve quality of life for local residents and to protect the reserve. Our guides know every piece of nature very well. They will not miss any animal around. They speak Spanish and partly English. They know the English names of all the animals in the reservation. Our cooks will take care about your stomach and cook our typical dishes.